Ghana UK Construction Ltd was incorporated in June 2010 under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) of the Republic of Ghana. Ever since we commenced business in 2013, we have earned ourselves a track record of successful execution as general contractors and developers in the building industry.

We pride ourselves in having a strong rapport with our clients and suppliers, a dedicated and experienced management team and an experienced construction crew with a commitment to continuous improvement.

Ghana UK embodies a professional, highly skilled and experienced team with over 60 years of combined industry experience. This multinational team has executed projects of various sizes from the USA and Canada to the far reaches of Asia and now Africa. With some of Ghana’s most intelligent minds on our team; giving us the depth and indigenous ‘on the ground’ experience, we always come up on top of our game. As of this writing, our team is 250-member strong and growing by the week.


GHANA UK Construction Company sets out to create a different kind of building Company – one focused on bringing comfort and cost savings to its clients. Guided by this vision, GHANA UK being the nation’s leading ICF builder brings tremendous cost savings through its rapid building systems and significant energy cost reduction with the ICF building technology which also provides a more reduced noise and healthier living environment.

dudeGHANA UK has its own manufacturing plant which produces the energy efficient and environmental friendly Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) blocks it uses for construction. The company’s competitive strategy is the Backward Integration Model which literally means the company has all the competences and in house resources to deliver a project from conceptualization to completion. An organization where quality meets excellence, technology meets aesthetics and passion meets perfection.

Today the company is committed to delivering only the best in each and every home and neighborhood it builds. The company’s goal is customer satisfaction and creating an unsurpassed reputation for quality and integrity in the building industry.




• To be ethical, honest and professional in all endeavors.

• Honor commitments, keep promises, and build trust.

• To be truthful in all actions and communications.


Take ownership of, and responsibility for, actions, risks, and results.

• Make sound decisions based on experience and good judgment.

• Give and seek clear expectations.

• Seek solutions that contribute to desired results.

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• Approach every individual with respect, humility, kindness and fairness.

• Value and recognize every individual for their unique skills, talents, and contributions.

• Stay present in the moment and actively seek to understand others.

• Be courteous, responsive, and professional in all encounters.


• Strive to exceed customers’ needs and expectations through competence, innovation, and teamwork.

• Proactively explore policy and product opportunities to better serve our customers.

• Seek to “do it right” the first time.

• Consider, understand, and manage risk.


• Approach every situation with good intentions.

• Be receptive to new and diverse ideas.

• Listen, cooperate, and share across the organization.

• Seek to learn from every individual we encounter.

• Encourage a trusting environment by being genuine and transparent in actions and communications.



To provide exceptional construction services and quality affordable housing utilizing alternative building systems and innovative construction methodologies. Thereby delivering to the marketplace, a product and service of exceptional value in a reasonably short period of time.



The mission of Ghana UK Construction is to be a leader in our industry by being an innovative developer, construction company and successful purveyor of middle income housing. Leveraging our experience, resources and relationships, we will differentiate ourselves from the competition by providing products and services of exceptional value through innovation.